transport stretcher trolley / transfer / recovery / electric
320950 Malvestio - Furniture for healthcare facilities



  • Type:

    transport, transfer, recovery

  • Operation:


  • Features:

    Trendelenburg, reverse Trendelenburg, reclining, height-adjustable, with adjustable backrest

  • Other characteristics:

    ergonomic, Fowler

  • Number of sections:

    4 sections


ONEday 4-section electric stretcher for long hospital stays with adjustment system on 2 couples of compass-leverages, ABS mattress sections, translating backrest, extendible mattress platform, electric trendelenburg and reverse-trendelenburg adjustments. Base frame in epoxy-coated steel pipes featuring wheels with breaks at its extremities.
200 mm diameter wheels with fifth wheel at the centre of the base frame, activated through the brake-unlock pedal.
Intermediate frame with six-strut high-containing folding side rails (H 38 cm) and metal accessory-holder bars (for drainage) on both sides, with 2 mobile sliding hooks in plastic material.
Equipped with proper housings at the head side corners for patient-lifting pole, I.V. pole and dedicated accessories. Height adjustment performed by 2 low-voltage electric actuators (24 V) for a maximum safe lifting load of 260 kg.
Electric controls on SATELLITE push-button control panel as a standard, on a flexible support enabling the adjustment of the mattress sections, of the height and of the trendelenburg and reverse trendelenburg positions.
When the push-button control panel remains unused for a few minutes, it goes automatically into auto switch-off mode, cutting down power consumption. Enhanced battery-pack, with day-long operating time, dedicated battery charger for a full and fast recharge. A sound alarm system warns in case of connection to the electrical grid and wheels not blocked. Backrest provided with roto-translating movement: when raised, it shifts backwards up to 11 cm.....

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