Hair removal laser / diode / trolley-mounted
HR808 Mantis Italia


  • Applications:

    hair removal

  • Amplifying medium:


  • Configuration:


  • Wavelength:

    808 nm


MANTIS has revolutionized permanent gradual hair removal.
HR 808 Diode Laser, with its particular selective photothermolysis action causes the hair follicle to overheat and permanently prevents it from growing back due to the deterioration of the germinating cells. The light produced by the laser the monochromatic, one-way and consistent
wavelength is absorbed in a hyper selective manner by the melanin contained in the hair follicle.
Due to their complete absence of melanin, treatment on white hair is ineffective. HR 808 Diode Laser is used on face and body and causes no damage to the epidermis or to the skin tissue surrounding the hair follicle. To guarantee effective treatments the scientific committee set up by MANTIS, always aiming at the satisfaction of each single customer, has developed specific protocols.

MANTIS HR 808 Diode Laser hair removal treatments can be carried out on all phototypes at any time of the year, with no contraindications. Our scientific research has made it possible for us to go beyond the limits of traditional technologies using a light source which, in order to prevent the onset of unsightly skin spots, do not allow the treatment to be carried out on patients who have recently exposed their skin to the sun or with dark skin (phototype V and VI).

The heating capacity of the laser source is implemented through the ACS cooling system, ensuring treatment times that virtually unlimited and increasing the thermal capacity of the entire lasing system.

Electronic and software control of temperature detection and flow levels of the fluids
make it possible to prevent the most frequent failures that take place in less sophisticated laser systems


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