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RPI: Significant Logistical Reagent Savings
RR Mechatronics presents a top notch, easy to use RPI: Reagent Preparation Instrument for cell counters in hematology labs. It allows labs to use a reagent concentrate to produce ready-to-use reagent with a ratio anywhere between 1:10 and 1:25 or more. Just imagine what a twenty-fivefold reduction in logistics would mean for your supply chain and stock volume, without compromising the quality of the reagent!

How Does the RPI Work?
The RPI takes in regular potable water. An integrated Millipore system purifies the water, followed by mixing with the concentrated reagent. This so-called reconstitution is very accurately performed and regularly checked against an ISO/NIST standard, to ensure production remains within specifications. Once the reagent reaches the user-required conductivity, it flows to a storage container. 4 connected devices can draw freely up to 20 liters per hour from this ready to use reagent buffer. The RPI provides reagent at the best possible quality. That is why the RPI is equipped with 0,22μm filters in the lines towards the analyzers, containing any particle or contamination within the RPI.

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