pneumatic surgical suction pump / on casters / vacuum-powered
MEDICOP medical equipment



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    on casters, vacuum-powered


Vacuum powered suction units are connected to the central vacuum system directly or with a connector on a flexible tube. The basic device (the vacuum regulator) consists of the regulation button, a manometer, a shut-off valve, a central system connector, outlet connectors, a bacterial filter and, as optional equipment, a safety jar with shut-off valve, which prevents liquid from entering the device.

In combination with various suction jars, a vacuum regulator can form various types of suction units:

- portable suction unit with reusable suction jars,
- portable suction unit with suction bags for single use,
- mobile suction unit for field operation.

The manometer and the safety jar with the outlet connector can be rotated, so that the user can always put them in the most convenient position.