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horizontal bed head unit horizontal bed head unit - MEDILIGHT


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MEDILIGHT BEDHEAD UNITSA fashion accessory for any hospital roomThe Medilight bedhead unit is perfectly suited for patients' rooms and other departments that require suitable lighting, electricity, telecommunications and medical-gas outlets at each bed. The unit housing is made of extruded aluminum and powder coated. Medilight bedhead units conform completely to ISO EN 11197 and IEC EN 60601/1 standards, and provide users with the following benefits:Optimal lightingThe Medilight unit can be fitted with indirect lamps for room illumination, direct lighting for illuminating the bedhead areas and a night lamp. Positioning the direct-lighting fixtures at a certain angle allows light to disperse over the head of the patient and provides excellent illumination for reading, while positioning the indirect lighting efficiently disperses light over the wall above the unit. All lamps can be fitted with an electronic starter to prevent delays when turning on