transport stretcher trolley / emergency / recovery / manual
Medin-Elpis Medin



  • Type:

    transport, emergency, recovery

  • Operation:


  • Features:

    Trendelenburg, reverse Trendelenburg, height-adjustable, with adjustable backrest

  • Number of sections:



Resuscitation-purpose medical transporter Medin Elpis ensures safe transportation of patients to and from many different areas of healthcare facility, may it be from the emergency room to inpatient surgery to the post-op recovery area, or whatever the individual case calls for. Exceptional maneuverability, effective patient positioning and uncompromised access for clinicians make this stretcher irreplaceable piece of equipment for modern hospital needs.

Easy to steer and stop, this stretcher features directional locking system to keep it moving in a straight line and to make it easier to turn corners and four-wheel central brake.

For convenience of medical personal push handles for moving the stretcher located at the head and foot end of the stretcher.

Hi-lo and Trendelenburg/Reverse Trendelenburg functions foot pedals are located on each side of the stretcher for convenience and quicker access.

Detachable soft mattress 80 mm thick, provide comfortable conditions for the patient and safety guard rails give a protection by keeping patient from rolling or falling out the stretcher during transportation.

Side rails give an option for mounting of additional accessories.

Bed of the stretcher is X-ray translucent and has an input of the X-ray film cartridge from head or foot sections.