implantable neurostimulator / medullary / self-adjusting
RestoreSensor® Medtronic


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RestoreSensor™ has the AdaptiveStim™ technology, which is the first and only neurostimulator to automatically adjust stimulation to each patient’s optimal setting. The AdaptiveStim™ technology automatically recognizes and remembers the correlation between a change in body position and the level of stimulation needed. It records the frequency of position changes and provides objective feedback to help clinicians understand the patient’s stimulation needs as they change over time. RestoreSensor has FDA-approved labeling for 1.5 Tesla MRI head scans.
and The RestoreSensor spinal cord stimulation system is appropriate for use for bilateral and complex pain patterns and high energy requirements.
The newest addition to the broad Medtronic portfolio of spinal cord neurostimulation products, the RestoreSensor neurostimulator, is backed by 30 years of Medtronic leadership and unmatched support across the globe. It was designed and engineered with the highest quality standards.