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Hydrodebrider Endoscopic Sinus Irrigation System

The Hydrodebrider® System is an innovative chronic sinusitis treatment from Medtronic that uses pressurized sinus irrigation to help remove bacteria that cause ongoing sinus infections.
About the Hydrodebrider Endoscopic Sinus Irrigation System

Research indicates that bacterial infections are intimately associated with chronic rhinosinusitis.1-2 The Hydrodebrider® System from Medtronic is an innovative chronic sinusitis treatment, resulting in bacterial reduction in vitro.3 Winner of a Medical Device Excellence Award, it's the first and only powered sinus irrigation system for removing bacteria from the paranasal sinuses, in the operating room or the office. The Hydrodebrider handpieces deliver a rotating spray of pressurized saline at 5 mL/sec, enabling access to all of the sinuses for direct sinus irrigation and fluid removal.

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