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Programming unit of implantable neurostimulators for deep brain stimulation
DBS Medtronic

The DBS patient programmer gives patients enhanced control over their Activa® PC, Activa RC, or Activa SC neurostimulator as part of deep brain stimulation therapy for movement disorders, including Parkinson's disease.
Patients with an Activa® PC, Activa RC, or Activa SC neurostimulator may use the Medtronic DBS patient programmer to check their neurostimulator status and choose from multiple physician-determined therapeutic options.
The DBS patient programmer has two modes: simple and advanced. The mode and its settings are clinician-determined on an individual patient basis and can be changed at any programming session.
Simple mode allows the patient to check the status of his or her deep brain stimulation device without making any therapy changes.
Advanced mode gives the physician the ability to set up four therapy groups with different stimulation parameters. The patient can toggle between groups and adjust therapy within physician-defined limits. If permitted to do so, the patient can adjust rate, amplitude, and pulse width.


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