intensive care patient monitor / EtCO2 / tcpCO2 / SpO2



  • Applications:

    intensive care

  • Measured parameters:

    EtCO2, tcpCO2, SpO2

  • Configuration:

    portable, compact


Various Option & Stable Performance for SpO2

- Selectable for main stream (CAPNOSAT) and side stream (LoFlo) by Respironics (Phillips) Inc.
- Side stream is micro-stream (50ml/min) and possible to use between adult to neonate. It can measure maximum 150breathe/minute.
Various Function and Convenience Setup

- Virtual Screen (Full, EtCO2 mode, wide numeric display, trend mode)
- Color Tone, 72Hours Trend, RS232(STD), LAN Network(Optional), Multi language
- CART & Quick Basket: Ward, Portable, and Doctor’s round
- Quick Basket for IV pole: ER, Ambulance
- Semi Modular type to easy maintenance
- Optional Printer