medical autoclave / front-loading / bench-top
MELAtronic 23 EN MELAG



  • Application domain:


  • Configuration:

    front-loading, bench-top

  • Capacity:

    19 l (5 gal)


MELAtronic 23EN is a standard autoclave that complies with EN 13060. It is used for complete sterilization of infectious biowaste. It has a microprocessor control unit to help with the job, and the device is equipped with intelligent temperature and pressure sensors that aid in sterilization. The whole sterilization is done in the automatic mode and there is a water-level indicator and alphanumeric display to note the progress. The device is equipped with high quality stainless steel chamber, connection ports for log printer and MELAflash compact flash card printer. The five trays in the device can sterilize a weight load of about 4 kilograms of biowaste.