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laboratory reaction station / heating / cooling / for parallel synthesis
EasyMax 402 Basic Mettler Toledo



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    heating, cooling, for parallel synthesis


EasyMax 402 Basic Synthesis WorkstationAccelerate Large Volume Organic SynthesisThe EasyMax 402 Basic synthesis workstation enables the development of innovative chemistry on a 100mL to 400mL scale without the hassles of a traditional round bottom flask. Heating and cooling between -40 °C and 180 °C are easy and the temperature remains exactly as specified. EasyMax 402 Basic allows users to develop new products or produce small amounts for testing with accurate control of reaction conditions. Usability Beyond ComparisonEasyMax eliminates the need for an ice bath, oil bath, heating mantle or cryostat, and the easy-to-operate touchscreen ensures that researchers can focus on chemistry rather than working on equipment issues. Touchscreen control allow chemists to pre-program conditions and run unattended experiments 24 hours a day.