1-channel infusion pump / volumetric / ambulatory / PCEA
Rythmic™ Evolution Yellow Micrel Medical Devices



  • Number of channels:


  • Type:

    volumetric, ambulatory, PCEA

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Rythmic PCEA has key features portable pump light colour identification of infusion route from the pump to the patient via yellow color coded infusion set. Rythmic PCEA is an ambulatory pump for pain management aiming to reduce the risk of medication errors in Epidural and Intrathecal routes.

Allows for preventive maintenance notices. Simplified set up menu for 3 step start procedure enter rate, volume to infuse and start infusion. Simple review of patient history thanks to easy to read history menu on the pump and display of graphs.

Custom menu with or without bolus / dose limit loading dose to fit therapy protocols and avoid set up errors. A range of dedicated transport bags for external container infusion. A higher pressure limit range.