storage cabinet / for instruments / for dental clinics
Artizan® Expressions Midmark



  • Type:


  • Use:

    for instruments

  • Facility:

    for dental clinics


Artizan® Treatment Stations are the basic operatory workstations used in dentistry. These workstations provide the needed storage and support at the essential twelve o ‘clock position. The device offers four design series with each series having its own set of configuration options. The Artizan® 90 Series has been conceived especially for limited space installations. It has a full size midsection and upper section combined with a reduced base cabinet depth of 17-inches, making it a full function treatment station in a compact package.
The Artizan® 80 Series has a a pivoting worksurface, providing positioning flexibility for assistants support. . When including a Procenter Delivery System, the dentists instrument controls are housed behind a bi-fold door in the center base module, enclosed during use but easily accessed when an adjustment is required. The The Artizan® 70 Series has a sliding left/right change worksurface. The worksurface for assistants slides out for positioning during procedures. Just lift the small countertop out, slide the worksurface over and reinsert the small top on the opposite side.