laboratory fume hood / for teaching / floor-standing / with sliding front sash
DUCTAIRE PRO Monmouth Scientific



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    for teaching

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  • Other characteristics:

    with sliding front sash, polypropylene


The Ductaire® Pro Series of ducted fume cabinets has been designed with the end-user in mind and can be installed into virtually any laboratory. The cabinets are supplied fully assembled, and are manufactured from welded Polypropylene which make them extremely chemically resistant to most chemicals - including Acids, Solvents, Ammonia, Chlorides, Amines and many more.

The Ductaire® Pro cabinets are some of the most versatile and robust available. Because of their design and their chemical resistance in using polypropylene, the cabinets will give you years of uninterrupted service. We are so confident of this that all the Ductaire® Pro cabinets are supplied with Monmouth's industry leading 5-year warranty.

Ductaire® Pro Applications

Laboratory and industrial processes in analytical research
Industrial medical and educational establishments requiring extraction systems for operator protection
Control of working atmosphere
Compliance with COSHH regulations in accordance with current BS standards