Mechanical microkeratome (ophthalmic surgery)
M2 SINGLE USE Moria Surgical


  • Device type:

    mechanical microkeratome


Intelligently Designed Microkeratome
• Safety and reliability of two independent motors: one for head advancement, and one for blade oscillation.
• Simplicity of pre-set parameters: suction time, oscillation speed, advancement rate, indicative nomograms.
• Protected blade to avoid potential related damage.
• Customization of flap thickness, diameter, and hinge length with a multiple choice of heads, rings and stops.
• Large Cut heads and suction rings for hyperopes, flat corneas, wavefront-guided ablations and lasers requiring large ablation zones.

The Single-Use Solution
• Reproducibility, excellent handling, robustness and superior performance.
• Unique translucent heads enable rigorous blade inspection prior to surgery.
• Eliminates complications, risks and costs of damaged or improperly reusable heads.
• Eliminates sterilization and maintenance.
• More rapid patient turnover, greater profitability.

The M2 Single-Use System
• Rotating, automated, easy-to-use microkeratome.
• 360° hinge position.
• Two head sizes, 90 and 130, available for customized flap thicknesses of 110µm and 150µm on average respectively.
• Multiple suction rings allow intra-operative customization of flap characteristics.
• Especially useful in patients with small palpebral fissures or deep set eyes.


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