animal research isolator / class III / containment / floor-standing
Cirrus MSE (UK) Ltd.



  • Class:

    class III

  • Applications:

    for animal research, containment

  • Configuration:


  • Other characteristics:

    glove box


The Cirrus is a highly versatile isolator dedicated to animal research and other applications where high level containment is paramount. The Cirrus isolator can be custom made to suit your needs: whether you need a single isolator with two gloves or two connected isolators with an input-output chamber, MSE can create a bespoke unit to meet your needs. Our isolators are available in both hard body and flexible canopy options and all are built to the highest quality you would expect from MSE.
Absolute Protection For Your Rodents

Isolators fitted with a single fan increase the risk of the user accidentally taking the life of the rodents if the filter is blocked by litter and other substances such as powder. A blocked filter will raise the internal pressure, which is perfectly normal in a positive pressure isolator. However, air flow is often not measured, meaning a blocked filter can gradually decrease the amount of air being delivered to the chamber without the user knowing there is a problem. The Cirrus isolator avoids this issue by using two fans, one for pressure control, the other for air flow control. This provides absolute protection for your rodents in case of filter blockage.
Varied Applications

The Cirrus isolator is used when absolute containment is essential. The Cirrus can be used for a wide variety of applications, but is mainly used for research on animals such as mice and other rodents.
Intuitive Design