maxilla anatomical model / sinus / surgery / for sinus lift
4014 Nacional Ossos



  • Area of the body:

    maxilla, sinus

  • Procedure:

    surgery, for sinus lift, training


Developed in rigid polyurethane, with rubberized membrane in the maxillary sinus and nasal. The face is a skull cut, ear forward and the nose down, with the following teeth: 12, 13, 17, 21 and 23. Used in work and practical classes, demonstrations and surgical techniques training such as: Grafting in blocks (where there is a depression) in the region of teeth 11 and 22. Sinus lifting (on both sides). Placing multiple implants in the gaps among the teeth. This face engages the model support (cod. 4020) and can be combined with all of our jaw line (hint 4008, 4009 and 4010) and can make rehabilitation with or without vertical height. It makes up the model cod. 4006.

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