Anatomical infant pacifier / silicone
Gumdrop Natus Medical Incorporated

A pacifier that is cut down does not meet the safety standards of the US government anymore. Babies can be harmed with a pacifier that is cut down with bits of silicone falling of it. That is precisely why GumDrop was made. It is a safe and soft-topped pacifier that is designed to feet the facial anatomy of your baby even when there are tubes and cannulas in place. It is also perfect for the side-lying position. Furthermore, GumDrop comfortably rests on your baby's skin with its silicon-covered curved surface. The nipple shape is also familiar to the babies. It has a uni-body construction which means that it cannot be disassembled and will never come apart. The unique design includes a plastic guard that is molded with silicone intended for medical use, which means that the surface is as soft as the nipple.


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