EEG patient monitor / clinical / on casters / infant
Olympic Brainz Natus Medical



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  • Configuration:

    on casters

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  • Other characteristics:

    continuous, with touchscreen, USB

  • Screen size:

    15 in


Olympic Brainz is the CFM olympic brainz monitor is the current technology in cerebral function monitor (CFM) . It has It ing underst. . It has an understanding infant’s brain health which is a critical part of your treatment decisions.

Use of continuous cerebral function monitoring adds vital information to clinicians to assist. And has earlier diagnosis and treatment1 — the CFM olympic brainz monitor is the optimal CFM solution for fast & easy daily bedside monitoring.

Key Aspects

Real Time EEG : The CFM Olympic Brainz Monitor adds aEEG , real time EEG and continuous measurement of impedance in 1, 2, and up to 3 channel configurations.
Kiosk Style Interface: The kiosk style interface permit real time monitoring of brain function, providing vital data that may assist in predicting outcomes.
Clinical Usage AEEG: Clinical Usage of aEEG Monitoring Medical literature reports.
aEEG monitoring can be utilized to: Monitor general neurological status Monitor and record frequency and intensity of seizures to assist in the management of medical therapy Monitor during hypothermic treatment.