calibration software / measurement / medical imaging / for medical displays
SpectraViewII™ NEC



  • Function:

    calibration, measurement

  • Application domain:

    medical imaging, for medical displays


Designed for professionals with color-critical applications, SpectraViewII combines award-winning NEC display technology with a color-measurement sensor and sophisticated calibration software. The result is highly accurate, reliable, repeatable, feature-rich solution for display calibration and profiling.

[Click here for a larger view] SpectraViewII provides many features and options that make it flexible enough to be used in a large variety of applications, including full DICOM support for medical imaging. The display luminance can be adjusted to either a specific value or to the maximum possible that the display can achieve.

DICOM GSDF calibration and conformance test

[Click here for a larger view] For use in medical imaging environments SpectraViewII can be used to calibrate the monitor to the DICOM GSDF gamma curve. The built in conformance test can be used to verify accuracy of calibration and conformance to the recommended standard for viewing grayscale images.