pelvic electro-stimulator / hand-held
MAPLe Novuqare



  • Type:

    pelvic electro-stimulator

  • Ergonomics:



The MAPLe enables you to provide targeted treatment

Through accurate diagnosis you can create a specific treatment plan. The MAPLe provides targeted biofeedback on individual muscles on different sides and depths of the pelvic floor. In addition, you can perform local electrostimulation enabling you to stimulate the exact problem area, thereby assisting in the patient’s treatment and awareness of the problem area.
The MAPLe is effective in various syndromes

The MAPLe contributes to the reduction of serious and less serious forms of incontinence or completely resolves it. The MAPLe makes a difference to patients for whom incontinence affects the quality of life.

The MAPLe can, among others, help with the following syndromes:

- Stress-incontinence
- Urge-incontinence
- Fecal incontinence
- Overactive bladder
- Coccyx pain
- Prolapse
- Pain in and around the pelvis

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