Surgical handpiece / electric / angled
Super Slim 200 NSK Surgery


  • Application domain:


  • Operation:


  • Ergonomics:


  • Speed:

    80000 rpm (502654.83 rad.min-1)


The device integrates slim design along with its compact and light weighed nature, reducing surgeons' stress at the time of long hour operations. It has got high speed of 80,000min-1 which makes it possible to cut accurately. It is flexible and various types of hand pieces are found including the hand control type. Each and every hand pieces and motors can washed by a thermo disinfector and are made to be long-lasting with the NSK’s years long experience in the high precision technology which are safeguarded with a NSK original special coating named DURACOAT. It creates durable and scratch-free quality products.


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