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4100 OI Analytical



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    for chromatography

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Improve sample processing reliability and analytical performance with the Model 4100 Water/Soil Sample Processor. This automated instrument is efficiently built to process up to 100 drinking water, wastewater, or soil samples.

Say goodbye to handling and processing samples for purge-and-trap analysis of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). The 4100 Sample Processor is designed to operate with (single or dual) Eclipse 4760 purge-and-trap sample concentrators. You can trust the VOA Constrictor™ vial gripper technology to carefully handle samples, while high-speed injection valves improve the precision of standard addition, reduces the volume of standards used, and decreases laboratory operating costs.

Model 4100 Features:

Holds 100 samples in two 50-position vial racks
Operates with one or two Eclipse 4760 purge-and-trap instruments
Vial cooling option keeps vials at 10 °C or less in accordance with USEPA Method 524.3
VOA Constrictor™ vial gripper has built-in vial sensor
Standard Addition Module has two 3-mL reservoirs, expendable to four 3-mL reservoirs
High-speed injection valves in Standard Addition Module inject programmed volume with no excess or waste
VOA View Windows®-based software offers an intuitive user interface with a real-time view of sampling progress

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