Laboratory evaporator control unit
U-RTC, U-RTCE Olympus Microscopy Europa


  • Applications:

    for laboratory evaporators


Complex live-cell imaging experiments such as fluorescence recovery after photo bleaching, single molecule detection, and ultrafast synchronized 3D-stacking require high temporal resolution and flexibility of control. The Olympus real-time controllers (RTC) U-RTC and U-RTCE meet these demanding requirements with high precision timing and parallelized control that optimizes overall system performance. Both enable the precise synchronization between accessory devices that translates directly into fast experiment execution and improved cell viability. The Olympus U-RTC and U-RTCE are broadly compatible with many TTL and Analog controlled systems including: piezoelectric focus and positioning devices, laser combiner and LED excitation systems, as well as a broad range of cameras and acquisition devices, and more.


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