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Unlabeled medications that are issued from the automatic dispensing cabinet but not immediately administered to patients pose a patient safety hazard, and often lead to tedious and unsafe workarounds. Omnicell has a new solution to this dilemma!

Built-in Printer, Built-in Safety

Omnicell is the only company to offer a Medication Label Printer integrated within the automated dispensing cabinet. This unique capability makes it easy to meet Joint Commission requirements to label medications that are issued but not administered immediately, such as IV piggybacks or nurse prepared syringes.

Put an End to “Mystery” Medications

The integrated Medication Label Printer option allows nurses to print patient-specific labels right from the automated medication dispensing cabinet during medication issue. Rather than taking time to handwrite labels, which may be illegible or missing information – or worse yet, to not label at all – nurses can automatically print labels that follow ISMP guidelines. It is a convenient and safe solution for:

–Medications that won’t be administered immediately
–Medications removed from their original packaging
–Pre-mix IV admixtures
–Multi-use medications such as topical, inhalers, and eye drops