universal operating table / orthopedic / gynecological / ophthalmic
CENTURY OPT SurgiSystems


  • Applications:

    universal, orthopedic, gynecological, ophthalmic, ENT, urological, laparoscopic, neurosurgery

  • Operation:

    mechanical, electro-hydraulic, hydraulic, electric

  • Features:

    Trendelenburg, height-adjustable, reverse Trendelenburg, tilting, lifting, rotating, X-ray transparent, ergonomic

  • Patient type:

    bariatric, pediatric

  • Other characteristics:

    with interchangeable table tops


The operating system CENTURY with transferable table tops CENTURY summarizes all the technology and know-how acquired by OPT in more than 90 years of history.

The recommended configuration of the system CENTURY consists of a column, two operating table tops and two longitudinal trolleys (for moving only the table top or the entire system).

The operating table top of the system CENTURY is universal and suitable for all surgical specialties including traumatology.

The main purpose of CENTURY is to satisfy the needs of both specialized and multidisciplinary operating theatres.

The column and the base are made in stainless steel and noble materials of highest quality.

They are superficially treated with state-of-the-art procedures (electropolishing for stainless steel) in order to increase the resistance to oxidation, ensuring a longer life and a greater resistance to antibacterial products.

The exceptional load capacity of the operating system is 453 kg (1000 lb).


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