operating table remote control / with LCD screen / with touchscreen
OPT SurgiSystems



  • Applications:

    for operating tables

  • Options and accessories:

    with LCD screen, with touchscreen


OPT has always produced advanced technologies that satisfy the needs of OR operators.
OPT has dramatically improved its range of wired and wireless remote controls. OPT introduces a completely renovated and improved remote with advanced LCD touch screen that provides real-time information on the position of the table.

This innovative remote control was developed in a close collaboration with surgeons and OR staff to fulfil their specific requirements:
Clear data reading
Quick and simple research of desired information
Precise and safe patient positioning
Intuitive graphics in order to make a remote use immediate and simple
Constructive features of remotes:
3,5“ display (the largest display ever created for the operating tables remote controls) with the resolution of 320x240 pixels (16,7 million of RGB colours);
Capacitive sensing of the touch screen
Bidirectional communication with the column that allows user to obtain quickly various information and activate all functions of the table
To simplify the use of the remote, the buttons are divided in three main area Friendly-used commands with intuitive symbols for immediate identification
Depending on the functions, some of the buttons are connected; so even by touch the user may recognize which type of movement is being activated
Thanks to backlit buttons, remote can be used even with soft lights

Distinctive features of the remote control:
Keypad can be locked/unlocked to avoid accidentally pressing keys
STOP button to block instantly any movement of the operating table
An exclusive button to memorize instantaneously a specific position of the operating system