multi-parameter ECG monitor / Oxy-CRG / NIBP / intensive care
M7310 Oricare



  • Measured parameter:

    ECG, Oxy-CRG, NIBP

  • Applications:

    intensive care, transport

  • Configuration:


  • Patient type:


  • Other characteristics:

    with touchscreen

  • Screen size:

    8.4 in


M7610 and M7310 are easy to use, reliable and flexible to match your patient’s needs. Whether at work in the Operating Room, Post-Anesthesia Care Unit, Intensive Care Area, or Intra-hospital Transport, these monitors include the features and technology you need at a price that makes them an outstanding value. The M7X10 monitors feature large storage capacity capable of retaining 1200 NIBP measurements and 120 hours of trends for review. Display modes include Big Numbers, OxyCRG for neonates, NIBP Table, Trends, more!