automatic biochemistry analyzer / human / floor-standing
VITROS® XT 7600 Ortho Clinical Diagnostics



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Time to embrace Digital Chemistry
The world is digitizing rapidly in order to deliver enhanced patient care and satisfaction, more effective data and increased efficiency, and your Lab is no exception.
VITROS® XT Systems embrace digital chemistry and are powered by a new digital reflectometer, connecting your labs ecosystem better than ever before, driving your efficiency, productivity and improving the quality of care you can provide to your patients.
Digital Chemistry
Ortho is leading the change in what should be expected from labs' performances. Embracing Digital Chemistry has enabled Ortho to provide a solution that can meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Market leading F.P.Y. of 96.5%
Reduced patient sample size to 3.8 microL
Improved interference detection
Enables XT Microslide technology
Improves our proven proprietary technologies
Future-readies your lab for the challenges of tomorrow*
* Compared to wet technologies