transfer stretcher trolley / hydraulic / height-adjustable / 4 sections
Ática Pardo



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  • Number of sections:

    4 sections


Transfer bed with four articulation planes with hydraulic drive system. 200 mm rolling system that facilitates an agile and comfortable movement, easy to move on any surface and with centralized brake of the 4 wheels.

It includes a complete kit of accessories to make it versatile in any area of the hospital.

Railing bed elevation;

Folding, made of stainless steel, with a length of 137 cm. They provide lateral protection for greater patient safety.


Made of phenolic material easy to clean.

Anchoring areas for segufix tapes.

Bed elevation; Press the pedal repeatedly until the desired bed height is reached. To decender, lift the foot pedal with your foot.

Maximum lifting height: 92 cm.

Minimum lifting height: 60 cm.

It has protections in the 4 corners of the stretcher that absorb shock.

Facilitates the patient transfer system thanks to its height adjustment and the folded railings are below the bed of the stretcher.

Trend / Antitrend;

Pedals on the independent feet for the trendelemburg and antitrendelemburg position, this makes the hands free to manipulate the patient.

Inclination in both positions 20º

5th wheel (Optional);