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semi-automatic biochemistry analyzer / human / bench-top
PUS-2018N Perlove Medical



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The instrument is a high performance photometer and can be used in the clinic of hospitals,epidemic prevention stations and health protection stations for biochemical test.


1. The instrument can keep 100 programs in its memory. You can program parameters either beforehand or at current time based on your needs;

2. The instrument can detect by the means of absorbency, kinetics, terminal, two-point, standard curve, blank comparing pipe and factor;

3. The instrument can print detection report that makes it easy to analyses and persevere;

4. The instrument has a dedicated keyboard that enables you to rapidly change functions and set parameters, which can be checked on the display without using difficult commands;

5.The instruments will auto-check first after it is switched on.

6. Display is a liquid crystal one with alphanumeric and graphic options.

7. Setting and reading operations are easy and instinctive.