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homecare ventilator / non-invasive
S9600 Perlove Medical

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homecare ventilator / non-invasive homecare ventilator / non-invasive - S9600


  • Applications:


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Usage of the BiPAP:

The BiPAP is used for the treatment of adult obstructive sleep apnea syndrome ,but is not used for life support !

Features of the BiPAP:

1,Work mode: CPAP、S、S/T、T

2, Air leak compensation: Dynamic monitoring of the pressure compensation/ Dynamic monitoring of flow compensation;

3, Large color LCD display: It is very convenient to see the setting parameters and statistical data, meanwhile can display waveform of breathing

air and pressure in real time;

4, Multi-parameter Alarm: Mask off alarm, suffocation alarm, high respiratory rate alarm, low respiratory rate alarm;

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