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radio-fluoroscopy system / digital / for diagnostic fluoroscopy / for multipurpose radiography
PLD8600 Perlove Medical



  • System type:

    radio-fluoroscopy system

  • Technology:


  • Application:

    for diagnostic fluoroscopy, for multipurpose radiography, for gastrointestinal fluoroscopy, for gastrointestinal radiography

  • Features:

    with motorized tilting table


Application of high frequency radiography & Fluoroscopy Digital X-ray System

The digital x ray system is available for medical teaching,research, medical units for X-ray spot film gastrointestinal photography, remote compartment, and other traumatic perspective X-ray photography and other routine check.

Features of high frequency radiography & Fluoroscopy Digital X-ray System

1,Constant Dc high voltage output to acquire high-quality monochromatic X-ray and eliminate the adverse effects of the soft-ray.

2,Friendly user interface,excellent operation system,make the equipment more conveniently and easy to understand

3,Multiple safe control

4,Large power and radiography current frequency