dissolution tester fraction collector
PTFC-2/8 Pharma Test Apparatebau



  • Applications:

    for dissolution testers


The PTFC-2/8 fraction collector can be attached to any Pharma Test dissolution bath. Using either a peristaltic-, syringe- or a valve-less piston pump, the dissolution media is directly sampled into covered glass vials inside the sampling dish of the PTFC-2/8. The PTFC-2/8 supports dissolution bath with up to 8 vessels. For baths with more positions, the PTFC-16 is available.

Depending on the system configuration sampling information such as interval timing and total number of sampling sequences is either programed at the keyboard of the connected dissolution bath or directly at the PTFC-2/8 panel (for example in DFC- 70 systems).

Individual pinch valves separately connected to each vessel are used to switch the liquid flow. Previous to a sampling sequence the media is circulated within a closed loop between the dissolution vessels and the PTFC-2/8. As soon as the concentration of the media is equilibrated, the pinch valves open for sampling. At the end of a sampling sequence all tubes are automatically emptied. Adding an extra set of valves and a pump with more channels the PTFC-2/8 can also automatically re-fill the sampled media.

A typical semi automated dissolution testing system including a PTFC-2/8 consists of:
PTWS 100D dissolution bath, resident sampling probes, PTFE tubing, 8-channel peristaltic pump and the PTFC-2/8 fraction collector. Automated media refilling is possible using a 16-channel pump (24-channel in case of a 12 position bath) and the re-filling valve block inside the PTFC-2/8 (PTFC-16 in case of a 12 position bath).