laboratory evaporator / rotary
RE-100D Phoenix Instrument

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laboratory evaporator / rotary laboratory evaporator / rotary - RE-100D


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Features at a glance

• huge, easy-to read
LCD Display, indicates Temperature,
Speed and time
• Speed range from 20 to 280 rpm
• Large 5L water-oil heating bath
with heating temperature range of
RT to 180°C
• Heating bath with precise temperature
control and adjustable safety circuit
• Patented condenser(cooling surface
1,500 cm2) with excellent
cooling effect
• Motorized lift with quick-action,
automatic release evaporating
flask to top position in case of
power failure
• Adjustable final position recognition
to protect operator and sample
against breakage
• Evaporating flask with an ejector,
convenient to remove
• Available with timer function to
precise control processing
• Intervall operation Left/right
• PC can control and document
all parameters via USB Interface

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