portable baropodometry platform
Elftman Podotech



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The Podotech Elftman Foot Pressure Scanner is a quick, very essential and easy to use tool while working in any fast paced clinical environment. The Podotech Elftman Foot Pressure Scanner utilises state of the art pressure mat technology and electronic sensors to provide extensive analysis options. More accurate assessment is possible through superior visual analysis which also encourages patient interaction.
The fields of application include: Podiatry, Orthotics & Prosthetics, Orthopaedics, Rehabilitation, Diabetes, Sports Medicine, Physical Therapy, Chiropractics & Occupational Therapy.
Podotech Elftman captures 100 pressure images per second, there is a thin pressure mat encourages natural gait, Matrix homogeneity provided by 1600 equally-measuring sensors, the sensor life time lasts until it is used over a million times. It is highly durable and has a permanent mat surface. The CE certification provides quality assurance. There is no requirement for product calibration and Can be walked on with and without footwear

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