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    laboratory, R&D, sterile, for filtration


PSL provide sterile filter dryers from lab development to commercial production supporting our global customer database by refining the design of our state-of-art filter dryers for more efficient aseptic manufacturing.

During aseptic processing of sterile product, the substance needs to be isolated, washed in a sterile filter and dried. Utilisation of the PSL Laboratory Filter Dryer will ease technology transfer from Laboratory to Kilo Lab/Pilot plant scale.

PSL Filter Dryer technology allows those steps to perform within a single vessel minimising sterile product handling and exposure. Our filter dryers utilise double gas lift-off mechanical seals, unique off-loading designs, innovative bellow technology, and have CIP (clean-in-place) and SIP (steam-in-place) capabilities.

Sterile Filter Dryer benefits
Highly-efficient drying
SIP (Steam-In-Place) and CIP (Clean-In-Place)
Heated agitator design achieving good mixing and optimum drying, preventing conglomerations
One single-piece agitator and shaft, pressure tested, to prevent leakage of heat transfer fluid
Various type of discharge available: Pressure rated discharge hatch, PSL’s Isolator, aseptic split butterfly valve, unique Tiltable System
Total interchangeability between cloth and mesh filtration media