X-ray protective eye shield
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X-ray protective eye shield X-ray protective eye shield - GrayShield


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    X-ray protective eye shield


Eye and thyroid protection
(single use products)
GrayShield Eye Protection for Patients
Ocular lenses are deemed to be the most irradiance-sensitive organs of humans. Head CT and general X-ray examinations can result in significant exposure to the lens of the eye. In cases where eyes during head CT are
located unprotected in the radiation field lenses may receive
average doses up to 50 mGy.
GrayShield Eye Protection is the most cost
effective shielding for such cases
lens dose reduction between 40 and 45 per cent in all CT scan configurations may be reached. This level was found
as the optimal compromise between best possible protection level and aspired image result
designed for one-time use to prevent possible biological contamination between patients fitted with hypoallergenic adhesive tabs to ensure that shield is fitted properly