rotary homogenizer / sample preparation / bench-top / compact
PRO400DS D-series PRO Scientific Inc.



  • Motion type:


  • Applications:

    sample preparation

  • Configuration:

    bench-top, compact

  • Display:


  • Speed:

    Max.: 23,000 rpm (144,513.3 rad.min-1)

    Min.: 0 rpm (0 rad.min-1)



Digital, High-Shear, Benchtop Laboratoryor Industrial Homogenizer
Can homogenize, emulsify, blend and/or mix
Compact digital benchtop unit with 1305 high watt motor
Ideal for processing volumes from 0.03ml to 30L*
Motorized PRO TRAC stand
3-Turn speed knob to adjust RPM in the hundreds
Bright LED display
User-friendly controls
2 Year Warranty


The PRO400D D-Series Digital Benchtop Homogenizer Unit is a perfect balance of power and superior performance. This high-shear homogenizer combines a high watt motor and advanced technology in digital speed controls has resulted in the most reliable and durable laboratory & industrial benchtop homogenizer. Between its 3 Turn Speed Knob ability to adjust RPM in the hundreds opposed too thousands and brighter LED display provides a more user-friendly control. Additional feature such as the Dual-Power Light Indicator for simpler error/problem identification and the PRO TRAC stand, which is a motorized stand developed by PRO Scientific for effortless, accurate, and smooth motor position, forms the most advanced digital benchtop homogenizer on the market. With a sample volume range capability from micro-liters to high liters, it demonstrates enormous processing versatility, which is designed to homogenize, emulsify, blend, and/or mix organic and inorganic materials. The entire line of PRO QUICK CONNECT Generator probes can be mounted to the D-Series as well as accept the MULTI-GEN Generator probe packs and every PRO SAFETY SEAL Chamber Assembly for safely containing generated aerosols and preventing sample and workspace contamination.