prostate tumor treatment HIFU ablation system / ultrasound-guided / MRI-guided
TULSA-PROTM Profound Medical



  • Type of therapy:

    for prostate tumor treatment

  • Control:

    ultrasound-guided, MRI-guided


The Device

The transurethral Ultrasound Applicator (UA) houses 10 transducers that can be individually turned on or off depending upon the size of the prostate gland to be ablated. Directional high-intensity (not focused) ultrasound energy thermally coagulates the prostate from the urethra outward in a treatment time of less than 40 minutes.
TULSA-PRO Advantages include:

High resolution MRI treatment planning and real-time monitoring of the heating pattern
Targets the prostatic tissue with a continuous volume of thermal ablation
Rapid ablation of even very large prostates (90 cc)
Treatment delivered precisely to the individual prostate shape
Ablates the tissue with millimeter accuracy
Spares nearby vital nerves, the urinary sphincter and the rectum from damage
Water flows in the Ultrasound Applicator (UA) and Endorectal Cooling Device (ECD) to cool the urethra and rectum

The Procedure :

Our real-time, MRI guided ultrasound procedure (TULSA) ablates the whole prostate gland, from the inside out, in a single session. A continuous volume of thermal ablation is delivered in less than 40 minutes, depending upon the size of the prostate. The patient goes home within 24 hours of the procedure. Faster patient recovery and the potential for significantly reduced side effects (bowel complications, incontinence, erectile dysfunction), enables patients and their partners to quickly resume their normal quality of life.

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