clean room laboratory bench / modular / stainless steel



  • Applications:

    for clean rooms

  • Other characteristics:

    modular, stainless steel


Workbench are specially developed to address different needs and applications within the CSSD (i.e., reception, washing, preparation and packing) or other areas of the Hospital.

Easily adaptable to the needs of customers, with several available configurations, such as: trays, drawer system, front and side closing, lower and middles shelves and sliding door.

Main Features
- Made in stainless steel AISI 304. - Flat and soundproofed top. • Tubular structure with argon welded as support. - Easy customization of the modules to the customer's request. - All modules can be configured and manufactured with different dimensions. - Strong and solid range of tables but still easy to assemble and transport. Measures according to customer request.