DNA extraction reagents / plasma
Maxwell® RSC ccfDNA Plasma Kit Promega France



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    for DNA extraction

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The Maxwell® RSC ccfDNA Plasma Kit is used with the Maxwell® RSC Instruments to purify circulating cell-free DNA (ccfDNA) from 0.2–1.0ml plasma samples. The Maxwell® RSC Instrument processes from 1 to 16 samples, and the Maxwell® RSC 48 Instrument processes from 1 to 48 samples, in approximately 70 minutes. The kit contains everything necessary for purification, with no preprocessing required. You simply add the plasma samples to the prepared cartridges and press Start.

The purified cell-free DNA is of high-quality with little genomic DNA contamination, and is ready for use in downstream applications such as qPCR, next generation sequencing and digital PCR.