NGS sequencing software / analysis / data exchange / traceability
GeneRead Link QIAGEN Lake Constance


  • Function:

    analysis, data exchange, traceability

  • Application domain:

    for NGS sequencing

  • Other characteristics:



For automated data transfer between the GeneReader NGS System and LIMS

Automated transfer of data from LIMS to the GeneReader NGS System and of results back to LIMS
Reduced time and effort for checking results
Traceability of all sample-related data
Proven performance with the GeneReader NGS System

GeneRead Link is a middleware solution that provides a complete chain of custody for your samples in the GeneReader NGS System workflow, from sample preparation to data analysis. It provides a searchable archive of all relevant data from the GeneReader NGS System including FASTQ files, variant calling files (VCF), instrument reports, result files and user notes. GeneRead Link automates data transfer between the GeneReader NGS System including the GeneRead QIAcube, GeneReader, QIAGEN Clinical Insight (QCI) bioinformatics platform and LIMS improving the efficiency and productivity of your laboratory workflow.


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