Tissue sample box
PAXgene QIAGEN Lake Constance


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For fixation and stabilization of human tissue specimens (max. 4 x 15 x 15 mm in size)

Preservation of both morphology and biomolecules
Fixation and paraffin embedding without formalin
Improved molecular results from fixed tissues
Tissue can be stored and archived for later processing
RNA, miRNA, DNA, and/or proteins from one sample

PAXgene Tissue Containers are dual-cavity containers prefilled with 2 reagents. PAXgene Tissue FIX rapidly penetrates and fixes the tissue, preserving tissue morphology. Fixation is comparable to formalin fixation, but without the destructive nucleic acid and protein crosslinking and degradation. After fixation, the tissue is transferred to PAXgene Tissue STABILIZER in the same container. Nucleic acids, proteins, and morphology of the sample are stable up to 7 days at room temperature and for longer periods at 2–8°C, or even at –20°C and –80°C. Stabilized samples can be embedded in paraffin for histological studies. PAXgene Tissue Kits and supplementary protocols provide efficient subsequent purification of RNA, miRNA, DNA, and/or proteins from the same sample.


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