pigmented lesion treatment laser / tattoo removal / Nd:YAG / trolley-mounted
ASSET Quanta System


  • Applications:

    pigmented lesion treatment, tattoo removal

  • Amplifying medium:


  • Configuration:


  • Wavelength:

    532, 1064


Featured among the Quanta System light and ultra wave series of multifunctional laser platforms is the Asset laser, a device whose power is similar to that of most of the top performing devices on the market today. The Asset's use of Flat Top Optibeam technology in combining Nd:YAG 532/1064 nm wavelengths with up to 1000 mJ of energy per pulse, results in safer, less-scarring, and more effective treatments; all of this coming from a compact box.

The square shape of the laser spot on the skin that this technology produces allows a very precise covering of the area to be treated to be established, and protects the skin from being subjected to an inadvertent overlap of pulses. In addition, energy is predictably and homogeneously delivered to the treatment area.