retinal photocoagulation laser / solid-state / tabletop
EASYRET Quantel Medical



  • Applications:

    retinal photocoagulation

  • Amplifying medium:


  • Configuration:


  • Wavelength:

    577 nm


Easyret® is a fully integrated 577nm yellow photocoagulator based on a technological breakthrough: fiber laser technology. Easyret

Stemming from the ELBA technology, developed and successfully marketed by Quantel Laser for various applications, Easyret® laser cavity delivers pure 577nm yellow in a uniform top-hat laser spot profile. Compact and highly reliable, it provides an extended lifetime of service (5 year warranty laser cavity).

It offers 3 advanced treatment modes (Monospot, Multispot, SubLiminal mode) in line with the current retina laser treatment recommendations. It also includes Quantel Medical proprietary Resume function facilitating the laser spots implementation during MultiSpot and SubLiminal laser procedures.

Our engineers worked closely with surgeons to design a fully integrated system ensuring optimal ergonomics and ease of use.

Easyret® features a fully customizable software simplifying laser treatments thanks to software-guided treatment procedures, from power titrate to treatment implementation.

Available with Haag Streit or Zeiss type slit lamps, Easyret® offers a large choice of treatment settings well adapted to the treatment of macular and peripheral retinal pathologies.

Main Characteristics:

•Fiber laser technology: ELBA laser cavity
•5 year warranty laser cavity
•Fully Integrated design
•Enhanced treatment options
•Easy to use and learn laser