sacro-iliac support belt / adult / pregnancy / rigid
AM-PES-05 Reh4Mat



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    adult, pregnancy

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Women with symphysis pubis and posterior pelvis dysfunction have a lot of difficulties, decreasing their quality of life, during pregnancy. The pain id different: it may be mild or severe and it depends on the intensity. It’s unilateral or bilateral and can be located in the groin and medial aspect of thigh. Together with groin pain, the women can feel sacroiliac, low back and subprapubic pain. It’s worst during weight-bearing activities such as lifting one leg.
The most important factor of pelvic (sacroiliac joints) and symphysis pubic pain during pregnancy is instability of the pelvic girdle.
Rigid pelvic belt such as AM-PES-05 stabilizes the pelvis and reduces the pain significantly in the pelvic and symphysis pubis area.