patient lift sling / disposable
Standard - Low Back Rhino Consultants and Facilitators



  • Applications:

    for patient lifts

  • Other characteristics:



The Standard - Low Back Style

Suitable for most patients who require hoisting that can control their own head and neck during the transfer

The RHINO RANGE OF SPU (Single Patient Use) SLINGS offer exceptional product features including:

Distribution and dispersion of the patient’s weight over the entire sling.
Are non reactive with commonly used medications, creams and lotions.
Capable of being stored for an extended period of time - including under direct sunlight - without harmful effects.
Capable of Load Bearing Strength even when wet!
Can be used for bathing and hydro-therapy

Clothing type feel for better and increased patient comfort.

Can be “Spot-Cleaned” or Spray Disinfected.

Rip-Stop Nylon Mesh/Grid for additional security.

Minimal stretching under load bearing weight and pressure