coagulation forceps / bronchoscopic / biopsy / bipolar
ERAGONbipolar Richard Wolf



  • Applications:

    coagulation, bronchoscopic

  • Procedure:


  • Type:


  • Length:

    460 mm


During interventional procedures, heavy bleeding can occur and requires quick action and a skilled hand to control it.
Perfect cutting quality during tissue sampling is made possible with the ERAGONbipolar’s double-action and large, sharp-edged, spoon jaws. During tissue removal, bipolar energy can be applied instantly to stop unexpected bleeding. With the jaws closed, the instrument may also be used as a standard coagulation probe. A neutral pad is not required when using bipolar energy.
The ERAGONbipolar forceps for biopsy excisions is ideal for use with the integrated optics of the TEXAS Bronchoscopy system.

Bipolar coagulation in the bronchial airways
Large, double-action jaws
360° rotatable shaft
Can be dissambled for proper cleaning and reprocessing